Centos-7.9.2009 to Almalinux 8

We are using in Centos 7.9 with WHM and Some application
could you please help me to migrate from my centos 7 to almalinux 8
what is the best way ïnplace upgradation or need to form new server and reinstall the WHM and Application its our production based live application

Anybody experienced in the migration please advise to get it complete

Adding to what I said on the Rocky forum, I was comfortable doing that because (a) it was a VM I could revert at any time to a snapshot, and (b) it was a service used only by a small group of other sysadmins. I would not have wanted to have a production service offline while trying to make the in-place upgrade work.

For physical machines, with EL’s long lifecycle, ideally you can arrange things so that it’s time to replace the the hardware anyway, so you can leave the old machine in service while you work on the new one.

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