CentOS 7.9 to almalinux9.3 mysql server migration


Currently we are having **CentOS 7.9 with mysql version 5.5.68-MariaDB
and we are planning to migrate to → AlmaLinux 9.3 (mysql version 10.5.22-MariaDB)

just wish to know , what is the best way i can move the Databases from 5.5.68-MariaDB(centos7) to 10.5.22-MariaDB (almalinux9)?


Are you migrating or upgrading the existing system to Alma9?

Hi Ankesh

We are migrating the mysql server from centos7 to almalinix9.
in centos7 we have mysql server version 5.5.68-MariaDB
abd in AlmaLinux 9.3 (mysql version 10.5.22-MariaDB)**

It’s not something os specific. that given link should work fine

Another take one the issue: Chapter 5. Migration Red Hat Software Collections 3 | Red Hat Customer Portal

It seems that the MariaDB’s own procedure assumes that one uses packages from MariaDB’s own repositories, while the Red Hat version uses packages that are in RHEL.

I have followed the latter procedure, from MariaDB in CentOS 7, to version(s) in Software Collections of el7, and from that to MariaDB in AlmaLinux 9. All steps listed in Red Hat’s docs are no longer available, but skipping an intermediate version did not seem to do harm.

Can backup and restore of databases solve this requirement ?

The Chapter 5. Migration Red Hat Software Collections 2 | Red Hat Customer Portal seems to say that one of two methods is indeed the “dump&restore”. The other method is “in-place”.