Centos 8 vs Almalinux, is it okay to upgrade? A help to understand how to change OS

Hi, I need suggestions / help.
My situation is this:
I have a VPS with cPanel with Centos 8.5, I have added Redis and Varnish to it, and I would like to add also elastichsearc because two Magento sites are hosted on it.
Hosting with VPS allows me to take actual snapshots of the system as it is, I could use them as a backup for ease of execution.

I would like to update Centos 8.5 and switch to Almalinux as the former is no longer supported and the latter is officially compatible with cPanel.

If I upgrade, will the Redis and Varnish installations be lost and will I have to perform new installations?

Also, I read on various blogs that almalinux is a 1: 1 OS with Centos 8, does this mean that everything that was used with Centos is also usable on Almalinux?

I hope to receive many suggestions and help from you to make me switch to Almalinux.

Both do/did attempt to be bug-for-bug compatible with RHEL 8 in very similar manner, so yes.

CentOS had never official support for any third-party *panel tools. Personally, I’ve never had need for any such, so can’t comment on them.

Hi, thanks to answare… cPanel support Almalinux. Well I migrated last day to Almalinux from Centos 8. In first time, the upgrade showed me an error, after fixed, seem all run ok.

CentOS Linux would live on as CentOS Stream, which is not so bad. However, the tricky part is that anyone who uses CentOS Streams might come across some bugs which will not be resolved until Red Hat Engineers release security updates. Because of this issue, the original CentOS founder, Gregory Kurtzer, decided to step in to create a brand new distro, Rocky Linux.

After more research , I decide to migrate from Centos because of Support importance. this community helps me decide amd also another blog post about Centos Eol and comparison od rocky and alma on cloudzy make me Certain to do this