CentOS Conversion - Citrix XenApp Supported?


I started a new position with my company and I discovered through my initial walkthrough that we were using CentOS. With the upcoming EOL for CentOS I was tasked with looking at replacements and AlmaLinux seems to be the best. The biggest concern is that Citrix XenApp does not list AlmaLinux as part of their supported OS. Is there a future plan for this to be implemented or does it currently work?

Thank you.

I would think that this is a question best asked of Citrix.
Centos doesn’t “support” the application, Citrix port it to RedHat, and validate that it runs on Centos. There is no good reason why it would not work on Almalinux too.

You could just use it, but you probably want/need Citrix to rubber-stamp it.