I am one of the mirrors provider ( I am trying to log into the chat almalinux org Mattermost server to no avail.

Sometime in the past I have converted the account to an Almalinux account (I can’t remember the details). Now, I can’t log into it with none of the usernames, e-mails, passwords combinations.

Forgot password doesn’t work either. On I have no forgotten password to reset it.

Please advise.

Thank you.


Have you tried the password reset form at Password Recovery - AlmaLinux Account Services ?

Thank you Jonathan,

Yes, I have this error:

“We could not send you an email, please retry later”

Give it a shot now :slight_smile:

Thank you Jonathan! Now it works.

I was able to login however, for some reason, I don’t see the mirrors channel anymore.

Thank you once again.

I see you found the mirrors channel :wink:

Yes, I did find it :slight_smile: