Console is not opening in Firefox

From one day to the other, console is not opening in Firefox.
The message I receive is:

This web browser is too old to run the Web Console (missing selector(:is():where()))

I’m using Firefox 106.0.1

I tried using Chrome and it works.

Looking at Firefox webpage, the latest release is 106.0.3. I don’t think the version I’m using is that old.

The firefox in AlmaLinux 9 is firefox-102.4.0-1.el9_0.alma
The “Web Console” (whatever that is) seems to open on it.

I found the problem.

First, a bit more explanation to help others. Web Console is the name RHEL use to implement the upstream Cockpit.

My server runs AlmaLinux 9, and I setup Cockpit to access the server remotely via web browser.
I use Fedora in my laptop to access my server. It comes with Firefox 106.

The problem is that Firfox 106 has changed how it parses the string to login. There is a patch in Cockpit to resolve this issue, but according to this article, it will be available in AlmaLinux 9.1

Thanks for clarifying. I mistook “Web Console” to mean something in Firefox, not the Cockpit.

mentions it being back ported to 8.6 in redhat bug report here . ( happens in Chromium too and presumably Chrome )