CPU Stuck with kernel-4.18.0-425.10.1.el8_7.x86_64

I am using AlmaLinux 8.7 inside an KVM virtualization, without issues so far.

Now with the Kernel kernel-4.18.0-425.10.1.el8_7.x86_64 I receive 100% CPU load on kworker/4:3+events_power_efficient (the older Kernel works flawlessly).

And later notifications that the CPU is Stucked. In my web research, did not find anything close to my issue, so am I alone with this one?

I did not yet deep dived into the problem.

did you make sure to use host-passthrough for the cpu ?

I don’t think host pass through should be needed on 8.x …? I only saw those similar issues with 9.x I think.

Yes, the cpu-model is on host-passthrough.

i reinstalled the kernel, core and modules and the issue was gone…