Directory organization and file names need revising

I was trying to download the latest ISO files from your website, however I felt uncertain on what directory and filename to download. For instance, in /almalinux/9.2/live/x86_64 you have filenmaes with the words “latest” in several files dated 30/01/2023, when the latest version, version 9.2, is dated 10/05/2023.

Please always indicate the version number in your filenames, never use “latest” in the name, as what is latest now, quickly becomes “not the latest”.


You do have a point, although AlmaLinux OS and the Live images are kind of separate.

The AlmaLinux OS (images) for el9_2 were released quickly after the release of RHEL 9.2
so that people can install latest available version AlmaLinux OS 9.

The Live images are cherry-picked selections of packages in an already made installation
that you can drop on (portable) media and run OS from. New images will probably be
generated at some point, when whoever is making those images does get to that.

Note also that most live flavours have currently two versions, but not all; there is only one for MATE. Looks like it was built at the same time as the others got *-update-1-* versions.
The “latest” points now uniformly to the latest that has been created,
not to the latest that could be created.

Would you rather have the webpages point the “Live” link explicitly to the “9.1” tree
(and not the “9” symlink) until the “9.2/live” is populated with new content?
Or, see first the empty “9.2/live” until Live images are created with 9.2 packages?

Tks for your quickly reply. I already got the ISO of the 9.2 version. My post was just to call your attention for the difficult of someone not familiar with your tree structure. Any solution will do as long as it is clear for the user of what he will download.

Every Monday I watch the Distrowatch Weekly website, it was here that I knew about your new release. I try to keep most major linux distros up to date, which I test and evaluate (for myself only) in virtual machine environments.

Btw, I’m a regular user, just like you and my opinions are my own.
Whether any of the actual maintainers of AlmaLinux peek into threads like this is not certain.

i suspect its a mirror syncing thing, for example this one has 9/latest pointing correctly at 9.2, in fact i suspect they’re symlinks:

Could be, but OP topic are Live images (and cloud images), not the regular install images that are truly “latest” now.

i think in that case it means that the LATEST live image is 9.1u1 (specifically not 9.1)

even if you look in the 9.2 directory it still points to 9.1 iso’s:

i guess they need building still…