Disk cloning program

Hi alma linux developers. I got 2 HDDs. One of 180GB which contains the OS and other of 2TB. I’m looking for a disk cloning program I want to copy all the data from 180GB HDD to 2TB HDD. Is there a disk cloning program that can run on Alma Linux 9?

For most usecases, rsync should be enough. It may be useful to use the flags -aAXHP with it to keep most permissions, attributes etc.

Note, rsync copies files from one filesystem to another.
The cloning copies datablocks unaware whether they contain (parts of) files or not.

The “copy data” sounds more like copying files than cloning. Please explain more what you try to achieve.

I want to use my 2TB HDD as my main disk for my computer

I would

  • remove the 180GB drive
  • do a fresh install on the 2TB
  • re-attach the 180GB for reading it
  • configure the new install like the old one is
  • copy user data (files) to new locations. rsync is perfect for that
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