Dolphin Error: cannot open shared object file

i’ve problems with file manager Dolphin.
When i start Dolphin an error message apears :
“dolphin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory”

I checked /usr/lib directory and is existing.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance


On both el8 and el9 the ‘qt5-qtsvg.i686’ provides ‘/usr/lib/’
and the ‘qt5-qtsvg.x86_64’ provides ‘/usr/lib64/’.

EPEL has only x86_64 version of ‘dolphin’, so it should look for ‘/usr/lib64/’.

The package ‘dolphin’ does require (indirectly) ‘qt5-qtsvg.x86_64’, so installation should have pulled that in.

The /usr/lib64/ should be a symlink to /usr/lib64/