Driver for LSI SAS9207-8e card?

As of the 5.14.22 kernel update this morning, the mpt3sas kernel module no longer works. We are considering replacing our LSI SAS2308 with the 9207, but it isn’t clear if the driver is included in the kernel modules or needs to be installed separately. Any relevant info appreciated!

Like the output of lspci -nn for that card.

Where did you get that kernel? The formal version of el9_1 is “5.14.0-162” and all el9 kernels will be “5.14.0-*”. Nothing more, nothing less. The el9 kernel is not upstream 5.12.0. It is something initially forked from upstream 5.12.0.

We don’t have the card yet, so I can’t run lspci. And yes, I misquoted “5.14.0-162.22.2” as “5.14.22,” eliding the non-informative part in the context of the post’s date and “this morning.”

Ok, you had 5.14.0-162.* and kernel module ‘mpt3sas’ and you could access storage, but
now you have 5.14.0-162.22 and the module fails? Is the module from ELRepo, or some other source?

With kernels 5.14.0-162.12.1 and 5.14.0-162.18.1 we were using, which worked fine. I just had to reinstall it manually after every kernel update. The most recent kernel won’t load that module.

After initially installing Almalinux 9 and elrepo-release months ago, ElRepo’s kmod-mpt3sas simply installs an empty directory: /lib/module/current-kernel/kernel/drivers/scsi/mpt3sas/. Nothing else. I’ve tested it repeatedly. I realize now that I should have reported it as a bug, which I’ll do later today.

I just checked on a more recent install of Almalinux 9, and the module is already present and loads. So it appears I need to reinstall on the broken system. Thanks for the prompt!

For anyone using the kmod-mpt3sas package on EL 9.1, please note that it does not work on kernel-5.14.0-162.22.2.el9_1. This is a known issue and you can follow the progress on the fix here: