Driver mt7921e bug when reload your pc

There is a documented bug with the driver mt7921e when you reload your computer il make a kernel panic

This issue has been corrected in kernel > 5.14.0-79.22.1
where can we ask to backport this fix to our almalinux 9 kernel ?

mt7921e is not enabled in the RHEL (therefore AlmaLinux) 9 kernel. I wonder how it would affect the boot. Can you provide a reference link to the bug?

Sorry, I was looking at something else. mt7921e is indeed enabled in el9.

Since AlmaLinux is a rebuild project of RHEL, feature-for-feature and bug-for-bug, the patch must come from upstream.

One suggestion I make is to ask ELRepo to provide a kmod package for the driver. It can be built from the source code that has been fixed for the referenced bug.

occurs only if you reboot your pc without power him off

transmit to elrepo sauron-le-noir is my nickname :wink:
thx a lot toracat
i can make it by myzelf but i prefer that it comes from elrepo or upstream.

The following issue has been ASSIGNED.

0001265: make a kmod for mt7921e that correct the crash of the driver when pc is reloaded - ELRepo Bugs

Reported By: sauron-le-noir
Assigned To: pperry

Project: channel: elrepo/el9
Issue ID: 1265
Category: --elrepo–request-for-enhancement–
Reproducibility: always
Severity: crash
Priority: normal
Status: assigned

Date Submitted: 2022-09-17 00:02 PDT
Last Modified: 2022-09-17 01:02 PDT

Summary: make a kmod for mt7921e that correct the crash of
the driver when pc is reloaded
is it possible to make a kmod for mt7921e for almalinux 9

Bug is already corrected in higher kernel release

Steps to Reproduce:
every time when you reload your pc kernel crash in the mt7921e driver
It is a know problem and a correction has been written
but not for the kernel of alma9
so my request is it possible to have a kmod backported to the alma9

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2022-09-17 00:02 sauron-le-noir New Issue
2022-09-17 01:02 toracat Assigned To => pperry
2022-09-17 01:02 toracat Status new => assigned

You’re welcome, @sauron-le-noir .

Now you have a package to test. Looking forwarding to hearing the test result.

wil be tested this monday at the company

it works thx a lot we have push lenovo laptos L14 gen2 in production with the fix without any problem

Great. Thanks for reporting back.