Errata for CentOS 8.x

Need to ask as available for other open source communities will AlmaLinux also have Errata fixes publicly available ?

What do you mean by “Errata fixes”?

Do you mean updated versions of packages?
Do you mean announcements of the release of the updated versions of packages?

Why the “CentOS 8.x” in the thread title?

Sorry typo I was suppose to mention Almalinux 8.x
Yes I am talking about updated versions of packages which are freely available in Errata such as for RedHAt.

Yes of course. We were the first RHEL rebuild to offer this. We have a new Errata portal/search page coming soon at but its not fully cooked yet.

So you can do things like: # dnf updateinfo list --security --all and # dnf upgrade --security.

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Yes. AlmaLinux builds new versions of packages from RHEL sources released by Red Hat, and releases as soon as possible. Just like CentOS, Rocky Linux, etc.

AlmaLinux has the announcements too. Furthermore, AlmaLinux repos have metadata that allows the use of --security flag. CentOS repos do not have such metadata.