Errata/package update feed

I need to keep track of errata and/or package updates to AlmaLinux (I deal with systems that have to be updated manually). I’ve been using a script to watch Index of /8/ for changes, but errata now uses javascript to present a searchable list, so the tool can’t see the content anymore.

I’m happy with pretty much anything that I can deal with at least semi-automatically - mailing list, RSS feed, or website that I can scrape easily. Anything will do.

Will this do the job ?
This is where new js page is taking info from, so it will be constantly updated

That’ll work - thank you! I can whip up a script that’ll deal with that in a little bit and have exactly what I want.

Also, we’re decided to put our js page on
So Index of /8/ serving static files again

Even better - I can just use the tool I had. Thank you!