Fail2ban no longer works after today's update

I just installed the latest update which included fail2ban.

My fail2ban has worked perfectly since I installed Alma 8. After this update it is knackered. No longer working at all.

What kind of updates are these? I restored the previous backup. This kind of thing is REALLY irritating. I rely on Fail2ban to stop the hacker bots. on Dovecot.

I just did the update.
After the update, fail2ban is indeed not working.
However, after:

systemctl stop fail2ban

systemctl start fail2ban

All seems to be working again … at least, I am now seeing bans timing out and being unbanned. I will need to watch to see that it does ban probes where people shouldn’t be probing …

Not on mine. Fail2ban refuses to load and I really don’t have the time or patience to troubleshoot shit which should never have been released.

How to lose Linux users and drive them back to Microsoft or Apple. I think it’s a disgrace that updates like this are allowed by ther Alma community

Juste a remark . Fail2ban is not related to almalinux,red hat but related to epel.
So if you have a trouble with it you must contact the epel community.

└> dnf list | grep fail2ban
fail2ban.noarch                                                                          1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-all.noarch                                                                      1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-firewalld.noarch                                                                1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-hostsdeny.noarch                                                                1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-mail.noarch                                                                     1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-selinux.noarch                                                                  1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-sendmail.noarch                                                                 1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-server.noarch                                                                   1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-shorewall.noarch                                                                1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-shorewall-lite.noarch                                                           1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-systemd.noarch                                                                  1.0.2-3.el9                          epel                        
fail2ban-tests.noarch                                                                    1.0.2-3.el9                          epel

It’s always a good practice to test the updated software in your lab first, before applying it in production. Otherwise, anticipate there might be problems (even a well-tested software in lab can still introduce problems in production environment).

This has nothing to do with the Alma community. Be responsible for your own action.