FAQ/Q&A video questions

Hey all!

We’ve been starting to put together some Q&A videos to answer some of the most frequently asked questions around AlmaLinux. Andrew and I did one about the upstream shift last June, and we have two more in the works. The topics we have lined up already:

  1. Getting started with AlmaLinux
  2. Using ELevate to migrate to AlmaLinux
  3. How to get involved in the AlmaLinux project

Are there any other questions or guides you’d like to see in this series? We like to keep the videos under 2 minutes, and answer 2-4 questions in that 2 minutes, so the topics should be pretty bite-sized.

Adjacent to this, if you would like to help us record them, let me know! I’m sure folks will want to see new faces as well. :smiley:

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