Finding software used in Centos7

I have installed Alma Linux 8 sucessfully…previous user os Centos 7
There are two software packages that I have been using for many years and cannot find in the repos
Homebank - banking
Gourmet - recipe manager

Any advice on where to find these OR how to install?

Managed to find “Homebank” in flatpak and installed sucessfully.
No luck with Gourmet - I think it is too old and unsupported?

Yes, while development on gourmet appears to have stalled many years ago, there is what appears to be at least an attempt to fork that to a newer base, Gourmand: Gourmand project at GitHub

Hopefully it’s still being developed? While it’s had five releases, the last one was version 1.0, and it was over two years ago.

My laptop is running Debian10 and “Gourmet” is still in the repositories. So I installed it and copied the .gourmet file.

Everything up and running for a little while longer, albeit on the laptop!