GlusterFS in Almalinux?

Hello! What is the correct way to install Glusterfs-server on Almalinux. In centos I used these commands, but now it doesn’t work

$ yum install centos-release-gluster
$ yum install glusterfs-server


Caveat: I don’t use gluster!

I note that you are installing centos-release-gluster, which looks more than a little odd in Alma. Would either glusterfs-libs or glusterfs help? They are in baseos and should already be installed. Try:

# dnf list \*gluster\*

From your prompt it looks like you are attempting to install as an unprivileged user - are you sure this is right?

Hi. I’ve been using glusterfs on CentOS for a couple years and really enjoy it, especially since the last update seems to have fixed some performance problems and I gained some familiarity with the disperse volume option. When I switched over to AlmaLinux I used the following to get the packages:
dnf -y install

dnf -y install

Looks like there is a gluster 9 version available now:
[ ] centos-release-gluster9-1.0-1.el8.noarch.rpm

I actually got this from somewhere here on the AlmaLinux forum, so maybe you can search and get more info.


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RHEL 8.4 – and hence Almalinux OS 8 – has glusterfs-6.0 in BaseOS.

CentOS Storage Special Interest Group (SIG) SpecialInterestGroup/Storage
has small, project-specific Yum-repositories. The centos-release-grusterfs[6789] packages in CentOS Extras repository configure those repositories.

The packages in SIG repos replace system packges (with newer version).

As of now AlmaLinux does not seem to clone SIG content. Perhaps @jack can comment on plans about that?

Looks like the link to access gluster and other pertinent packages has changed. I used the following link recently to update gluster on my servers:

And I suppose, one could find other missing compatible packages starting from: