GNOME Shell in CLOSE_WAIT state

I noticed that the gnome-shell has been sitting in the CLOSE_WAIT for quite some time now. It shows it was connected to and when doing a reverse lookup, I see the IP maps to

Why is the GNOME shell making connections here? How do I prevent it this from happening?

[root@almalinux rlee]# netstat -tnp | grep CLOSE_WAIT
tcp       25      0           CLOSE_WAIT  23702/gnome-shell
tcp       25      0           CLOSE_WAIT  19620/gnome-shell
tcp        1      0         CLOSE_WAIT  29601/nxserver.bin
tcp       25      0           CLOSE_WAIT  20923/gnome-shell
tcp       25      0           CLOSE_WAIT  32053/gnome-shell

Its looking for installed gnome extensions (user scope not system scope wide). If it finds a newer one, it gets updated. Do not install extensions in user’s account to prevent this lookups:

ls -la ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

The folder doesn’t exist and GNOME extension is required.

I believe GNOME extension is installed at a system wide scope as I have installed GNOME tweaks and customised for desktop icons.

Is there a way to prevent this check?

Found the fix for it: thjderjktyrjkt / Disable Gnome Extension Update Check · GitLab