Gnome Software Update - GNOME Application Platform ver 40


Logged into my Alma Workstation this morning and noticed that the Gnome Software app is wanting me to update to GNOME version 40 (I think).
Is it safe to do so?

Updates are as follows:
Freedesktop Platform
GNOME Application Platform ver 3.38
GNOME Application Platform ver 40
org.gnome.platform 3.36

Repos enabled
AlmaLinux 8 - AppStream
AlmaLinux 8 - BaseOS
AlmaLinux8 - Extras
AlmaLinux8 - PowerTools
ELRepo - Extras
ELRepo - el8
Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 8
Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux Modular 8
GNOME Shell Extensions Repository
RPM Fusion EL8 - Free - Updates
RPM Fusion EL8 - Nonfree - Updates

Just don’t want to end up with a ‘broken’ installation

Kind Regards

Also trying to join the Mattermost server and there doesn’t seem to be an account activation link in the account confirmation email.

Hmm, thats odd. Can you PM me you account info? I can try and see what’s going on?

Hi Jack

Not sure sure if a Firefox Add-on is blocking it (doesn’t look like it - can see anything) but I don’t see the mail (PM) icon on your profile/avatar?


Please run dnf check-update on terminal and show the output. That does tell both what packages would update and which repositories they are from.

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Hi. It could be related to flatpak components. Please run “sudo flatpak list” to check, what flatpaks are installed. More info on

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