Grub2 Boot Troubles

Recently moved from centos to alma 8.8 running on a vps.

When first installed there was a problem with grub2 not finding the grub.conf file. So I manually loaded the kernel from the grub command prompt.

After some research, I switched the GRUB_ENABLE_BLSCFG=false in the /etc/default/grub then ran grub2-mkconfig and this seemed to solve the problem and it booted normally.

Then after an update this setting was reset to TRUE and it would not boot, but switching it back to false did not fix it this time. I again needed to manually load the kernel.

The errors shown are missing the following files:


and then also


But all the files are located in /boot/grub2 directory and it appears grub is searching in the wrong place.

I tried making a symbolic link named /boot/grub to /boot/grub2 but that did not work.

Can anyone help me in regards to this issue.

Thanks kindly.