Has Anyone be able to have MEDIAWIKI work on AlamaLinux?

Has Anyone be able to have MEDIAWIKI work on AlamaLinux ?
Because I tried pretty hard, did NOT get anywhere !

Many reasons, on top may be the only package for has a bug detrimental to media-wiki functioning, etc…

Other reasons, is the difficulty to debug, due to lack of explicit messages on the log files. (And stdout, of course).

On top is the lack of RPM Packages, modules and Group-Install, so WIKIMEDIA works “out of the box”, with proper permissions, config files, and soft links etc…

I tried )(no-success!) on with the Apache (httpd) Server, but it would be nice to have MEDIAWIKI also working with NGINX Server, that I like for many reasons, none the least it is simplest to install, use.

systemctl is nice to use, but may hide some info, useful for debug, etc…

Because MEDIAWIKI and CENTOS are so popular, some effort in this area would be welcomed by many users !

And NO, don’t send me to the mediawiki.org because for the moment it is just a mess.


At the risk of being told off, there are alternatives to MediaWiki. For a small to medium sized wiki there is always Dokuwiki which runs quite happily under Alma. The biggest drawbacks though are that the syntax differs and there is limited support for templating.


Thanks a lot for the good answer.

But my intention was/is to edit the wiki code then put it on a server.
And mediawiki has lots of good modules, etc… so it is hard to replace.
From what already exists it would be nice to have it working…easily !


Hey @agomp. I dont usually touch MediaWiki, but I found this on Linode talking about CentOS 8 and thought this would be helpful to you. Should be able to follow these instructions: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/how-to-install-mediawiki-centos-8/

Thanks, this is very good, but…I have tried to install mediawiki, with very similar instructions, from multiple sources, and could never get it to work.
I am a professional Unix programmer, used Linux for about 20 years, so I do know the ropes… For Fedora, same for many years, since it was called “RedHat 6” or so… (Other distros too).

The main issue with mediawiki, is that it is made of many pieces, most of them work.
But not always well together ! And debugging is not always obvious.

However there are bugs, and incompatibilities between packages, and above all debugging there is far from obvious.

The abundant related info on the web indicates a systemic problem there.

This is why a fully functional module or group install where all the pieces work well together would probably be the right answer to this thorny situation.
And ideally it would be a basic one working with MariaDB (or even SqLite), and Apache.
And one with the same DB but NGINX (simple, easy to use).

CentOS/Alma Linux uses systemd and systemctl, which simplify basic use.

The main problem is (my guess) there somewhere in MediaWiki, where exception processing is not handled, with no error message, or way to trace a hang…
So yes, it would be nice to find where it is, and rewrite properly the code there… which would be up to the Mediawiki or …?

Consequently, some collaboration between the Alma-Linux and Media-Wiki would probably be very useful…
Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am not volunteering for this task, but if a couple of young (at heart!) people one on each side could work together it would be great.

BTW: AlmaLinux could have a working MediaWiki on “localhost” from the basic install, or included in the group install for "Basic WEB Server) that would alleviate the situation, and probably be very popular.