History data missing

OK my apologies for stupid question but new to AlmaLinux (starting w/ 9) and not sure if this is a hosting provider configuration or default AlmaLinux 9 configuration related issue.

Currently losing all history for both users and root account. Even set variables like: HISTSIZE & HISTFILE. When do an echo $HISTIGNORE as root – returns blank line. So thinking it is NOT set to “-” which should eliminate history. Root has several “. files” in the ~ directory like: .tcshrc, .cshrd, .login, .lesshst, less – these files are not in a users home directory.

Is this standard configuration for Alma and my Google Foo is failing or does this appear to be some customizations by the cloud provider?

Thank you for replay - info!

Downloaded the AlmaLInux 9.3 iso for Arm & doing an install…

Appears that Arm version has history present for both users and root without customization. Quick comparison of “.” files for user and root shows some variation.

Possibly a difference in architecture by AlmaLinux with x86_64 vs Arm64 but NOT likely.

Updated the original question to the hosting provider about modifications which they didn’t answer with these such facts. Awaiting an answer but suspect it is a hosting issue.

BTW for the record.

echo $HISTIGNORE returns a blank line as well on this instance.

@pbf343 just checking, but you are aware that HISTIGNORE is a variable that you add commands to such that they are never recorded to history.

So, an example would be something like:

I have never used it in my entire career. Not to say that you don’t want to, but I have been using Linux and UNIX for almost 30 years and simply never bothered with it.

As for the other discretely distinct topic, if you do not have the ability to recall previous commands in history by simply typing:
history on the command line then something sounds a little funky.

Read this article for a little insight on how to fix this lack of “history:”