Hotmail not allowing "" emails

I have been trying to register on the discorse group however when i use my or emails I never get an email confirmation. I had to create a google email to get the approval email so I could get logged in. I then tried to change the email listed and still do not get the email on my or email address. I just wanted to report this as I don’t find anywhere online (googling) or on the forum here about this issue. And just to not this, I have added “” to my safe senders list and safe group list in outlook/hotmail as well as validated that the emails are NOT ending up in my Junk box, which they are not. Just wanted to share.

Thanks for pointing this out @SteelZ691. It looks like hotmail and outlook have issues accepting mails from mailgun which is what discourse uses:

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My pleasure… if you all know when it’s working again it would be much appreciated if you could post it so I can drop this other email and use my hotmail lol…