How Alma provide updated Packages , When Stream release goes EOL

how Alma is planning to get the updates of bug fixes and updated release after Redhat announcement, how to maintain the security releases from what Sources

“After much discussion, the AlmaLinux OS Foundation board today has decided to drop the aim to be 1:1 with RHEL. AlmaLinux OS will instead aim to be Application Binary Interface (ABI) compatible” You can read more here

This works until RH begin including proprietary kernel extensions and libraries.
I believe that they will do this.

Unless there are pressing reasons to do so, the first time this happens, RH customers would be well advised to begin planning to move. Vendor lock-in was a big thing. Looks like IBM want to bring it back. I can see no other reason for their changes.

Any source for such argument?

Yes. Me, and my many years of experience.

It was a serious question but the answer speaks for itself.