How can I "override" an installed package with a self compiled special version?

I want to “override” 5 packages with compiled special versions that support my GPU hardware. The problem is, that I can’t remove the installed versions due to “dependencies”. I know the 5 packages have dependencies among each other and only among each other but the rpm package management sees dependencies with 176 packages of the AMD GPU programming and compute infrastructure. The packages are adapted GPU compute libraries.

Either I can’t even compile the 5 packages because the compiler is part of the 176 packages or I have to find a way to “override” the installed packages or I would have to do a partial parallel installation of different “versions” which would be tricky when it comes to set the correct paths during software development/adaption/extension leveraging these libraries which is the ultimate goal. With “version” I mean the exact same source code version extended to accept my hardware as a target GPU compute architecture.

What’s the best way of handling such a case?

I think you need to give more details. What repositories have you enabled? What packages are you talking about? What dependency errors do you see?