How to determine version of emacs for Alma Linux 9

Hi, I would like to know what version of emacs is in the repos for Alma 9.
I could of course do
dnf info emacs
but I do not have Alma 9 installed.
Is there a way to search the Alma 9 repos to determine the version of emacs?
Thanks ahead of time. shows mirrors near you.
Link on that page seems to take me to */
and when I switch to */
I see a list of packages, with emacs among them.

Seems to be โ€œ27.2-6.el9โ€ ยด.

(Knowing that Red Hat tends to backport, they have branched from upstream 27.2 for RHEL 9 and added/included whatever they do.)

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@jlehtone - Thanks for the help!