How to install chinaese

I can’t find the Chinese language pack,Maybe I don’t know its name,that‘s a rpm,i should “dnf -y install ?”

I know there is no fcitx for Alma. I have, for Japanese, been able to use ibus-anthy. Doing dnf search ibus shows several Chinese related packages. (Not knowing Chinese, I don’t know which you need, but I suspect one of them will fit it.
I have a page on Japanese in Linux and some BSDs which has a brief mention of setting up Japanese with ibus in Alma 9. It may be useful, at Inputting Japanese in Linux and some BSDs
. In a nutshell, whether or not you use the default workstation, you can type ibus-setup—it will offer to start the daemon if not running. If you’ve done an English install it should show English as a language. There should be a a plus sign under it to add languages. Click Chinese, and it should offer various input methods.

As I said, my experience is with Japanese, bu this should work. I use a minimal install, and install ibus-anthy afterwards. If you’ve chosen workstation, and you search for language, I think there’s an option for it, but unlike the documentation for RH8, you have to also click the keyboard from the menu on the left and add the language from there.
I hope this helps–I tend to use mental shorthand, so if this isn’t clear, post again, and mention what version you’re using, e.g., workstation or server.

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Thank you for your answer. I’ve found a solution.My system is “almalinux 8.6”,I think it is the perfect substitute for Centos,I found the RPM package in Chinese.This is “glibc-langpack-zh-2.28-189.1.el8.x86_64.rpm”,I type "dnf -y install glibc langpack zh-2.28-189.1 el8.x86_ 64.rpm "can solve my problem

Great! Glad you fixed it, and thanks for coming back and sharing the solution.

My system id AlmaLinux9.
I try to run “yum install glibc-langpack-zh”,and it worked.

dnf install langpacks-zh_CN