How to install Crowdsec

I’m trying to install crowdsec in my server following the instructions below:

curl -s | sudo bash
dnf install crowdsec
dnf install crowdsec-firewall-bouncer-iptables

The repository is created, but it is looking for pygpgme package to be able to download the content. As it is now, DNF can’t find crowdsec package.

The script suggests to get this packages from EPEL repository, but it is not available.

Has anyone managed to install Crowdsec successfully?

EL versions up to 7 do have packages ‘gpgme’ (a library) and ‘pygpgme’ (Python 2 bindings to gpgme) in the base repositories.
EL8 and EL9 do have packages ‘gpgme’ (a library) and ‘python3-gpg’ (Python 3 bindings to gpgme) in the base repositories.

Look at the script: curl -s
It will show what it thinks you have and skip the installation of pygpgme, if distro version is “8”:

  echo "Detected operating system as ${os}/${dist}."

  if [ "${dist}" = "8" ]; then

What did it show to you when you did run the script?
Do you have Alma 8 or 9?

Thanks for your answer. I fixed the script, and now it works.
My distribution was 9.

pygpgme can be installed by command -
python -m pip install pygpgme