How to install fstransform on almalinux?

fstransform supposedly was part of fedora and installed using

sudo dnf install fstransform

this does not work

No match for argument: fstransform
Error: Unable to find a match: fstransform

What has happened I’ve installed using xfs partition and let the installation choose the swap size which is too small now I cannot shrink /home to make room for a larger swap.

So I want to convert xfs to ext4 and fstranform seems to be the way to go if I could install it.

I’m using Almalinux 9.3

I will try to compile it from the source and report back if I get anywhere.

i wouldn’t use a tool that’s not been maintained for 5+ years to convert filesystems.

reinstall would be the easiest option.

Or backup home, delete and recreate it the correct size and restore the backup.

RHEL is not Fedora. Red Hat cherry picks content from Fedora (and other sources) to RHEL, but RHEL tends to remain austere. That bare nature is a reason for the existence of extra packages repo, the EPEL. Even EPEL does not automatically maintain all “missing” packages for all versions of RHEL.

Fedora describes fstransform:

fstransform is a tool to change a file-system from one format to another, for example from jfs/xfs/reiser to ext2/ext3/ext4, in-place and without the need for backup.

Alas, we do know (the hard way) that one should have a backup even when there is no intention to do anything that could possibly mess up.

I do agree.

okay I think that’s all sound advise.

backup reinstall is the way I’m going here. 5 years unsupported, not a good proposition.