How to install libpam_mount and nfs-common

Hi, which repo contains libpam_mount and nfs-common ?


What are those? Files? Packages? If packages, of what distro / what feature do they provide?

Those are debian/ubuntu packages…

Thanks for the replies.

libpam_mount used to be available on CentOS , via epel, if memory serves me right.

Libpam allows the mounting of pluggable authentication modules.
My usage has to do with mounting remote user home dirs, and remote network shares when the user logs into the system.

I have been on Debian for the last little while, but was hoping to give almalinux a good try to replace my Xubuntu workstations.

EPEL works with many RHEL derivates, not only CentOS. It’s a repository. It’s still there. If you check there is even a matrix showing that it’s still on epel7 and epel8, even though it seems not too well maintained.

I presume that nfs-common has the bits required for mounting NFS.

[Alma9]$ dnf -q group info network-file-system-client
Group: Network File System Client
 Description: Enables the system to attach to network storage.
 Mandatory Packages:
 Optional Packages:

The EL equivalent is probably that nfs-utils package.

One can say in /etc/fstab what the system mounts on boot.
Both systemd.automount and autofs.service can delay mount of non-essential volumes to on-need (and umount when not needed any more).
Desktop Environments (e.g. Gnome) can mount something for the user.

Apparently, the pam_mount is another “mount volumes on the user’s behalf”, like the DE. How it can mount the home, if it mounts from a list supplied by the user, is beyond me.

I use primarily autofs. My maps for it are either centrally in LDAP, or deployed to each host with Ansible.