How to rotate Multiple IP addresses configured on a single NIC

Good day All,

Please note that i have a mail server with centos8 installed, the server has two network interfaces and i have configured multiple IP addresses on one of the interfaces. The purpose of this is in cases when the current sending IP address is blacklisted and not able to use it at the time and would like for the server to use the next IP address as the sending IP address which will not be listed at that time. Therefore how do i achieve this?i.e. How will the server know to use the IP addresses in rotation such that each IP is used one at a time? Then, as it gets black listed, the server moves onto new IP address, the next one on the list. Your assistance would be very much appreciated.

More than one IP address on same subnet is non-trivial.

Sending traffic that gets you blocked is clearly trouble. I would rather focus on not doing that, than working around consequences.