How to start wifi with minimal install

During the installation process, all network card information and wifi connection can be obtained correctly. After the installation is completed and restarted, wifi does not start normally

I’ve found, on a minimal install, that after installation, you have to connect once through ethernet and install the NetworkManager-wifi package, After that, if I remember correctly, I had to do systemctl stop NetworkManager.service systemctl start NetworkManager.service. A simple systemctl restart NetworkManager.service didn’t work. (I may be remembering incorrectly, I may have had to restart the whole system).
Anyway, the key is installing NetworkManager-wifi. Even though it works during installation, it’s not installed if you choose minimal install.

Yes, I also found this problem. My notebook computer does not have RJ45 network port, so it cannot be minimized.

According to:

dnf list NetworkManager\*

the NetworkManager-wifi in in baseos. It should therefore be in the Minimal image and hence install from USB should be an option.

[el9]# dnf rq --groupmember NetworkManager-wifi
Last metadata expiration check: 0:50:09 ago on Wed 30 Nov 2022 11:14:20 AM EET.

[el9]# dnf -q rq --groupmember NetworkManager-wifi

[el9]# dnf -q group info networkmanager-submodules
Group: Common NetworkManager submodules
 Description: This group contains NetworkManager submodules that are commonly used, but may not be wanted in some streamlined configurations.
 Default Packages:

[el9]# dnf -q group info minimal-environment
Environment Group: Minimal Install
 Description: Basic functionality.
 Mandatory Groups:
 Optional Groups:
   Guest Agents

The “Minimal Install” does not include group “Common NetworkManager submodules”. That is why NetworkManager-wifi is not installed initially.

@zuozhehao, you can usually find an inexpensive USB-to-ethernet dongle. I just use that on a yoga2, which has no ethernet port.

From a quick search on Amazon.