Ima-evm-utils removed?

ima-evm-utils is being removed when running dnf autoremove.
The package is not being removed on CentOs or Rocky.
Any ideas?

It seems to be a compatibility package that was removed by autoremove. Strange I do not remember installing this.
But it seems more likely that I made an error, maybe.

From #dnf info ima-evm-utils:

The Trusted Computing Group(TCG) run-time Integrity Measurement Architecture (IMA) maintains a list of hash values of executables and other sensitive system files, as they are read or executed. These are stored in the file systems extended attributes. The Extended Verification Module (EVM) prevents unauthorized changes to these extended attributes on the file system. ima-evm-utils is used to prepare the file system for these extended attributes.

So from “used to prepare the file system” I would guess it’s part of the installation code.

Thank you for your response.
I understand what the package is for.

I converted some centos servers to rocky and alma to compare the three in order to choose a replacement for centos.
Centos and rocky do not propose removal of this compatibility package when running dnf autoremove and alma does.

So my train of thought is/was that alma is not completely “the same” as rocky and centos.