In place migration from CentOS 8

sorry to ask such a question but i’m in the urgent need to migrate to AlmaLinux and the easiest way for me would be to use the migration script. The thing is the server is in production (Plesk Obsidian) and therefore bricking the server would be a huge problem.
Does any of you had similar experiences of migration? How safe is the migration script?



I have migrated some 4-5 systems. No bricks, but I had nothing fancy in them – no “Plesk Obsidian” (whatever that is). Furthermore, although “in production”, lifes don’t depend on my systems being 99.999% up.

IMHO, if a system is really critical, then it should have enough redundancy to tolerate one server being a brick for a while.

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Hello, the migration was flawless. The script was really well done!
I’m just waiting for the backup tonight to see if the client needs some fixing.

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Migration should go easy, but Always just incase make a backup. Always backup before anything big that way.