Increase font size in console

Hey guys I run a minimal setup without a GUI.

The question I have is how can I increase the font size in the terminal and also when say logging into the machine via SSH.

I was recommended the terminus font package elsewhere however the installation and setup instructions are not working for 9 variants of RHEL.

Many Thanks chaps

Yeah, they aren’t available for Alma/Rocky/RHEL9. I just downloaded the FC34 rpm for it. (In this case, I didn’t build anything, just went to rpmfind, grabbed the rpm–not the srpm–for terminus console fonts, did rpm -ivh on the rpm and it installed without a problem. I then changed /etc/vconsole.conf. I replaced what was there with
You can use ter-32n or whatever size you like that will be in /usr/lib/kbd/consolefonts

Actually, once the font is installed, you can change it on the fly with setfont ter-v24n or whatever font you want to use. To get to persist though, you will have to add it to vconsole.conf


Nice one brother this worked perfectly

Good, I’m glad it helped. I’m going to mark it as solved on the CentOS forums as well.