Install cvs client AlmaLinux 9 - Solved - no more comments please

I’m quite new to Linux, I’m setting up a VMWARE for general use in company and trying to install cvs.

I’m using this

sudo dnf install cvs

root@localhost devel]# sudo dnf install cvs
Last metadata expiration check: 0:13:11 ago on Thu 01 Feb 2024 08:44:53 GMT.
No match for argument: cvs
Error: Unable to find a match: cvs

Is cvs still supported ?
Do I need to find a new package repo?

Thanks in advance

(yes I know my user has root access)

dnf install epel-release-8.10.el8.noarch

Aha - found this :slight_smile:

First, I don’t use vmware – libvirt/KVM has been sufficient for my virtualization needs.

The cvs is a version control system. These days git is very common choice for version control. Does vmware still use cvs for something?

Yes, EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux) has many packages that are not included in base EL distro (e.g. AlmaLinux).
Do also enable CRB:

dnf config-manager --enable crb

Some packages in EPEL depend on CRB packages.

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Yeah - we do use git.

This is legacy stuff, tell me about it !!

If you are already root (root@localhost devel]#) you don’t need to used sudo.

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Indeed. The “sudo command” means: Run command as another user. The default another user is root, so ‘sudo dnf’ means that root executes dnf (with root’s privileges).
The root account does not need to use sudo as it already has admin privileges.

It is a separate issue whether a regular account has permission to execute ‘sudo’.

yeah thanks - I knew that already - but I might not have so thanks