Install gtk+-devel-1.2.10


I am trying to install GTK±1.2.10 development library on Alma Linux 8.0

It’s a very old package.

I found this package here:

But haven’t been able to install it on my system.

Btw I managed to install the package on fedora core 36 with

dnf install gtk±devel-1.2.10

Can someone help me with this ?

I presume that you have some old application that cannot be ported and isn’t RPM-packaged, and therefore has to be “built from sources” and does require old toolkit?

However, the main question is, what exactly do you mean with:

If there is an error, what is that error?

There’s no package to install…
sudo dnf install gtk±devel-1.2.10 is not finding any package to install…

But the same command in fedora core 34 is working

And i can’t manage to build the library from source because it’s too old.

The sudo dnf install gtk+-devel requires that you have definition of that third-party repository “raven”. If dnf does not know about the repository, then it does not know about packages in the repository. The instructions for defining “raven” must be somewhere.

Fedora 34 (wasn’t Fedora Core 6 the last “Core”?) has the package in its repository; there is no need to define any third-party repo.

Of course a package that exists as RPM should not be rebuild “from sources”. What one can do is to take a source rpm, “SRPM”, src.rpm of the package from most similar distro and rebuild RPMs for Alma from it (with ‘mock’, or in a pinch with plain ‘rpmbuild’).

However, I was actually asking why do you need an old library? By itself it does nothing.

I need it because I have developed an application using it and now I need to install this application on a new machine, possibly using alma Linux.

How can I set the Raven repository in my alma Linux machine?

Installation-instructions are probably in Репозитории пакетов для el8 - Форум системных администраторов
(I don’t speak that language.)

Me neither :slight_smile:
But i will try
Thank you

Thank you very much, it works !