Install hugin-tools, pyshtools,ruby-fastimage

Hi everyone. I have to install these 3 packages on my vps and I can’t find the way. Does anyone know how to do? Thank you

Hugin Tools (hugin-tools)
Spherical Harmonic Tools (pyshtools)
Ruby Fastimage (ruby-fastimage)

These packages don’t come with Alma Linux 9.3 or EPEL, you have to get them somewhere else, maybe even build them from source.

Or you use Ubuntu, at least hugin-tools and ruby-fastimage exist there.

They’re not in EPEL either. However, you could use toolbox with a Fedora image and use them in a toolbox environment on AlmaLinux 9.

hugin tools is hugin-base
pyshtools is python3-pyshtools

ruby-fastimage isn’t in Fedora, but you could fetch it using gem with rvm, etc.

If you’d rather use the Ubuntu packages, you could use distrobox instead of toolbox and use an Ubuntu image.