Installation Problem "/dev/root does not exit"

I never installed any Linux before so if this is something totally obvious, I’m sorry! :sweat_smile:

I followed to installation guide from tecmint

I downloaded “AlmaLinux-8.6-x86_64-dvd.iso” from here and made a bootable USB device with UNetbooting.

When I boot the PC I get the page where I can choose to install Alma.
The first few lines that appear look quite ok i guess?

Then a lot of similar lines will appear ( the first number is changing with each line)

[147.289847] dracut-initqueue[1059]: Warning dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts

After that:

[like above] Warning: Could not boot.
Starting Setup Virtual Console..
[OK] Started Setup Virtual Console.
Starting Dracut Emergency Shell...
Warning: /dev/root does not exist

Does anybody has an idea what I did wrong? Or do you need more information?

It might be that you didn’t provide enough RAM to the VM, try 4Gb.

My guess is that the iso either got corrupt in downloading or corrupt when writing to the USB stick.