Installing 9.x on Old Opteron Tyan K8SSA - Kernel Panic

I am finally leaving behind my old Centos 7 install and I am wanting to to just jump straight to Alma9. I am able to get to the first install screen when booting the DVD image of Alma8 on the machine, but when I try 9.3 or 9.4 dvd or minimal images, I don’t get that far and I get a kernel panic right away. I am running some old Opteron 246s on a Tyan S3970 Tiger K8SSA bare metal. System has been rock solid since it was new, looking to keep it up to date if possible. 7.762621] followed by alot in the message, with it ending in “end Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exit”

Any thoughts on this, I would like to jump straight to 9 if possible but 8 looks like a workable option if this is a known no go. Thanks.

The el9 requires that the CPU has instructions defined in x86-64-v2 cpu architecture - How do I check if my CPU supports x86-64-v2? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

That is (most) Intels from 2009 and AMDs from 2014.

I didn’t realize they have actually upated x86-64 to different versions. Makes perfect sense and explains it perfectly as well!

Looks like on the AMD side, Bulldozer cores forward support v2.