Installing AlmaLinux on external ssd

Hi all!

Is there a way I can install Alma Linux on an external SSD without wrecking my Windows Bootloader?

If the Windows is installed in UEFI mode (as most systems by now should),
then its bootloader is stored in ESP (EFI System Partition), in its own subdirectory,
and installation of Alma simply adds its bootloader in different subdirectory
(and adds boot entry to firmware).

That is, if you let it use the internal drive. If you do Custom partitioning, then you
can point the ESP to the external drive too. (It will be mounted to /boot/efi.)

Could you elaborate on the latter option. Can that be done in Calamaris installer or do you somehow have to switch into terminal mode?

Never heard of. AFAIK, the AlmaLinux installer is “Anaconda”.
(Not same as the Python something “Anaconda”.)

The main view in the installer lists keyboard layouts, timezone, source of packages, package set to install, storage, network, and some other choices.

In the Storage there is list of detected drives, and choice between Automatic and Custom.
One can select one or more drives before proceeding, i.e. deselect the drive that you don’t
want to touch. (I do always choose the Custom.)

In the Custom there is an option to create partitions automatically. One can add/remove/modify the set after that too, before the installation proceeds and actually commits changes.