Installing cPanel/WHM on AlmaLinux 9 Latest

Hi everyone!

I’ve built a brand new hardware web server and am trying to install WHM/cPanel onto AlmaLinux 9 (latest version - Lime Lynx 9.1, GNOME v 40.4.0) without any luck, the installer says:

“cPanel & WHM only supports AlmaLinux 9 on version 110 or greater. Please refer to our additional installation instructions at System Requirements for AlmaLinux OS | cPanel & WHM Documentation

Wondering if anyone smarter than I may be able to shed any light? I have the latest installer from the mirrors?

Thank you for your time in advance,

Product Versions and the Release Process | cPanel & WHM Documentation implies that latest cpanel/WHM release from September was version 108.

Thus says: “will support on next release”.

I’ve never used those applications.

Great thank you! I’ve contact cPanel to ask for a ballpark release date… cheers

I got some really useful information on this from cPanel:

"Thank you for contacting cPanel technical support. We do not currently have an ETA as to when we will support AlmaLinux 9, although it is something our developers are looking into. A big hurdle with AlmaLinux 9, and other similar releases, is that python2 is no longer supported and there are certain parts of our software that were written under python2. Mailman and CCS, for example, are both python scripts written under python2 and would not function properly or at all under python3.

Regarding the release of v110, we do typically operating on 4 major releases a year. v108 was initially released at the end of September, as outlined at 108 Change Log | cPanel & WHM Documentation . However, with the holidays approaching, it’s unlikely that v110 would be released in December. It would first go to EDGE, which is currently the same version as CURRENT. "

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi, you can install cPanel in almalinux 9 :slight_smile:

Note: A development version for testing only and not for production servers.

  1. Check release of you new server
[root@myserver home]# cat /etc/*release | head -n1
AlmaLinux release 9.1 (Lime Lynx)
  1. Change the target cpanel version to edge:
[root@myserver home]# cat <<-EOF> /etc/cpupdate.conf
  1. Download cpanel installer
[root@myserver home]# cd /home && curl -o latest -L
  1. Install cPanel with target SO.
[root@myserver home]# sh latest --experimental-os=almalinux-9.1
  1. Register the license and check:
[root@myserver home]# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt
Updating cPanel license...Done. Update succeeded.
  1. Access to whm (The finish web button to start installation only work if you have the license)
[root@myserver home]# whmlogin`