Installing Oracle

I am using Alma Linux 9.1. I’m trying to install Oracle according to the instructions at :

It fails, leaving a note in the install log about not being able to link to libpthread_nonshared. I’m not sure if I have not installed a dependency, or if my setting of the variable CV_ASSUME_DISTID is out of date, or something else is going on.

I did see a post in General Discussion titled “Install oracle database on alma9” (Install oracle database on alma9) that suggested that it could not be done for Alma 9 (8 seemed to be supported), but that was from July 2022 so I’m not sure if that is still current.

Has anyone else installed Oracle on Alma? Am I following at least reasonable instructions at that web page?



nothing’s changed since the other thread, even 21c only works on 7/8

Thanks. I’ve always found it so bothersome to install. Wish it was open source. I’m glad you limited the amount of time I spent on it.