Installing Radeon HD 4550 driver

I am trying to install AccuTerm using Crossover Linux on Alma 8.6. When I choose to install the software, it complains that OpenGL is not working. I’ve tested 3D acceleration and it works fine.

I have spoken to Crossover Linux support about this and they mentioned that the 32-bit graphics card driver will also need to be installed. When I do lspci -v, I get that the Radeon HD 4550 has been installed.

How do I install the 32-bit version of the driver?

It’s very likely the 32 bit version of the driver is already installed, assuming you used the official amdgpu-install script.

I ran into this issue with WINE, it complained by 32 bit graphics libraries didn’t exist. A few hours of pulling my hair out, and this command ended up fixing the issue:
sudo dnf install mesa-dri-drivers.i686

Seems like the mesa drivers need to be in place for the AMD ones to kick in. It’s a little over my head, but it’s at least working now!