Installing slack rpm

I’m trying to install the Slack rpm. I downloaded it and according to google/stackoverflow the best way to install a single RPM is with yum localinstall. It doesn’t seem to get all dependencies, though. So it asks me to install libappindicator-gtk3 manually, as it cannot find it anywhere.
I found it via google in a fedora repository. Downloaded it, trying localinstall again, but again there are dependencies missing:

I found it is provided in here: rpms/libdbusmenu: Library for passing menus over DBus - libdbusmenu - AlmaLinux OS Git server

But as this repo doesn’t have a README, I have no clue what the next step is.
What should I do next?

I assume that if I need dependencies like gobject-introspection in another version than I can already install via the normal repos, then I will probably need a more complex toolchain than just rpmbuild and yum localinstall to build such kind of RPM locally, right?

the slack rpm is for el8, so are you running almalinux 8 not 9?

if you’re running 8 then this should work:

sudo dnf install /path/to/slack-4.31.155-0.1.el8.x86_64.rpm

if you’re running 9 then you probably want to raise a support request with slack.


I doubt that they provide support for all linux distributions on the planet. Having a small, new distro has a lot of advantages, but a disadvantage is certainly that you need to do the things yourself that you need to get done.

I’m happy to help, btw. I just don’t have the skills.
I would like to start with some guidance on how the packages are built that are in the AlmaLinux gittea.

An alternative might be to reproduce it with RHEL, and everybody on the planet has at least one free RHEL license. Then coming from the RHEL problem it should be possible to get Slack support. Do the version numbers between AlmaLinux und RHEL match?

yes, they currently support RHEL8 which would “just work” on alma8, eventually they’ll do the same for rhel9.

that said it’s always been a beta on linux and i don’t think the desktop version does much more than the web one.

as for building, see these couple of articles, also browse some of my posts for how to quickly rebuild fedora/stream packages for alma.

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Off-topic note:

  • The yum is symbolic link to dnf
  • The localinstall is an alias for install

Therefore, yum localinstall is same as dnf install

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Yes, one could assume that it’s almost the same app.

Anyways, I got both versions working now. The packages I was missing were in EPEL.

Regarding building packages. Seems like fun. Is there a need for some experiments in the area of gaming or game development? I doubt that I will use a desktop environment other than Gnome. Too happy with its design decisions.

PS: And/or is there a need for a game-like UI?