IP auto assign in OpenStack

How to assign IP automatically in AlmaLinux OpenStack environment while adding Attach Interface ?

The only OpenStack environment that I have used – only as a client – offers DHCP for each virtual network. Interfaces thus get address from pool – unless I define named port with predetermined IP, and attach that port (of network) instead of the network to VM.

I’ve also used (CentOS) images pre-created by the provider. No EL8 instance yet. The image contains cloud-init and I’ve never bothered to really dig up how the IP allocated by the OpenStack goes into the network config of my VM instance.

If you do install Alma in regular fashion, then installer installs NetworkManager and generates connection configs for each interface. Those configs all use DHCP. In some conditions (say Minimal environment from USB media) no connection is set to auto-start at boot. (But, one could change that during interactive install.)