Is it possible to run AlmaLinux from removable media?

I´m thinking of using Zabbix as a network monitoring solution (for an MS Windows-based LAN) and would like to try the AlmaLinux/Zappix combination on removable medium first, such as a micro-SD card or maybe a USB flash drive, to see how it works out without having to install anything to hard drive in the beginning. Has anyone here run AlmaLinux from removable media or know if that is possible? Next thing that comes to mind for this trial would be utilizing a Virtual Machine, but that implies installing to hard drive, which I would like to initially avoid.

To clarify, I am not seeking any advice here regarding Zabbix, I just want to know if running AlmaLinux from removable media is a possibility. Thanks…


As long as your bios/uefi supports the media for booting it will work.
Running from a usb flash drive will be slow.
I wouldn’t expect micro-SD to work in any practical sense.
An external drive will work fine.
A VM just involves a file (containing the disk image) so you could run it on a Windows machine with Virtual Box and just delete the file if it doesn’t work out - there’s no bare metal install involved.

Thanks, bob. I do have a spare external hard drive, and this way the RAM in the machine will get better utilization compared to running AlmaLinux in a virtual box. The micro-SD/USB idea was very appealing in that I could carry it around in a shirt’s pocket but, all considered, the external hard drive will be a better option. Much appreciate your input!