Issue with Apache

Hello, I have successfully installed and configured Apache httpd. However, when I run netstat -ln -4, I don’t see any listening ports 80 and 443. Interestingly, I am still able to reach my webserver. What could be the cause of this? I am running AlmaLinux 8.5. Thanks in advance for any insight provided.

The ‘netstat’ is actually an old tool. “Newer” tool is ‘ss’: sudo ss -tulpn

Not that it matters in your case. What do you get with:

sudo systemctl status httpd.service

try ss -plnt or netstat -plnt, as unless you’ve specifically configured it for v4 only (e.g. Listen it’ll bind to ipv6 first as part of the wildcard, it’ll listen on ipv4 too, but won’t show as v4 only which is what you’re querying.