Issues with Almalinux 8.6 and VMWare

Hi All,

I’m experiencing a strange issue regarding several Almalinux test machines I have in my VMWare Environment.

Without exception, all of the ones I have set up seem to hang at the login console every day.

The issue usually looks like this:

I try try to login to the machine directly through VMRC. I type my username, hit enter, and receive no response. The machine is unresponsive to any other commands or keyboard input.

When this issue occurs, I am also unable to remotely log in to these machines via SSH.

I have a few machines I’ve built in my Azure environment that have never had this problem.

Has anyone seen something like this?

Thank You!

which vmware? if you mean vsphere/esxi then i think official support was only added in one of the later 7.0 updates, no idea about workstation etc.

also any EL8 builds seem to require EFI boot in esxi i’ve found (a decent hypervisor like qemu works fine).

need more info on how you’ve built them - kickstart, pointy-clicky, packer etc. is open-vmtools installed, what keyboard layout are you using (yeah i’ve even seen esxi hang due to using an american keyboard layout on the console).

is vmrc triggering the issue - its fine if you use ssh before trying vmrc? what about the local browser console?

Hi Sej,

Apologies for the super late response on this. I wound up getting busy with a few other things.

As a bandaid resolution, we’ve gone to utilizing the full version ISO of Almalinux 8.6.

This version does not seem to cause any of the same issues in VMWare and has been working for us without issue for some time.